Team BSM

This modular concept offers an integral solution for all the work functions that make an office successful. Aesthetic seating elements, minimalist or robust tables, functional privacy panels and elegant poufs that perfectly match the atmosphere you are looking for.

Waiting, having a short meeting, informing colleagues, socialising. Whatever function, identity or style you choose for your furnishing plan, Team fits seamlessly into the atmosphere and functions you seek. Guests experience a comfortable welcome, employees have comfortable meeting places to check their voicemail, meet customers or quickly discuss matters. Formal and informal. The enriching effect of working with Team.

Team is a modern furniture system consisting of seating elements, tables, privacy panels and poufs in different sizes, fabrics and designs. Yet it is recognisably one family. Functional, minimalistic and comfortable. The stylish back cushions can be attached to the seating elements in any position. To enable the design of personal seating combinations, constructive back and side panels are available: in soft colours or oak veneer. Matching tables, magazine holders, integrated chargers and planters complete your Team configuration. Together with the informal poufs or the handy lightweight panel systems a perfect mix.

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