Framery Four

Framery Four is a smart office meeting pod for up to 4 people. This multifunctional soundproof meeting space is engineered for face-toface meetings and hybrid work from the office. Fine-tuned acoustics and soundproofing provides privacy for discussions and virtual calls. Framery Four's adaptive ventilation and automated lighting let you focus on what really matters and have a successful workday.

  • Framery Four is a multifunctional soundproof meeting space engineered for face-to-face meetings and hybrid work
•Spacious interior that comfortably fits two sofas with lots of table space
•Low threshold enabling easy access
•Table and two sofas always included
•8” touchscreen and adaptive lighting always included
•Framery ConnectTM
•Framery Office Sound Masking SystemTM

Warranty: 5 years.

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