Maximo Replacement Cover - Motiv

Price: from 175 euro including VAT

In the course of time, our children not only grow up, but their tastes also change. Therefore, the covers of the Maximo can be changed at any time.

This allows the Maximo to take on a new look in no time at all and to adapt to new colour preferences at any time. Chenille yarns have been woven into the fabric of the “Trend” fabric. This provides a soft feeling and a noble look.

Assembly Instructions:
  • Simply pull down the upholstery, take down the old cover and stretch out the new replacement upholstery cover.

Care Instructions:
  • When dirty, wipe with a damp cloth or wash at 40° C with mild detergent in the gentle wash cycle. Regular vacuuming is recommended. Do not put in the dryer and do not iron. Please follow the care instructions on the label.

100 % flame-resistant polyester.
Color: wonderland/ lotta/ galaxy/ submarine

Warranty: 5 years.

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