Champion Compact Desk

Price: from 1467 euro including VAT

The Champion Compact offers lots of functionality in a small space and requires very little floor space. With a width of 86 cm, it also fits into small niches. If you need a larger work space later, the compact desk can be easily expanded with the Side Top. With this extension a width of 130 cm is possible. When the Side Top is installed on both sides, the width can even expand to 170 cm. Other benefits of this combination: The Side Top offers a storage surface, even with a tilted desktop.

The Champion Compact also offers storage space with its other additions, allowing existing space to be used even more efficent. The Flex Deck Compact, for example, is particularly space-saving when attached to the desk. With this practical multi-functional shelfs, the desk expands to three dimensions. With two brackets mounted directly on the side of the desk, the space above the desk can also be effectively used. Included as standard equipment with the Flex Deck is a magnet board, which can also be used as a whiteboard, four magnets and two shelves. Two aluminum corner brackets at the top shelf keep books from falling. The Utensilo behind can optionally be attached to the Flexdeck, offering a number of options for storage of pencils, papers and small stuff.

The rear cable duct in which e.g. power strips, power units and all connected cables can be concealed, prevents a tangle of cables on the floor. This ensures a convenient power supply for all devices on the desk.

The Champion Compact offers everything that the Champion has and is thus an ideal and ergonomic companion as children grow into adulthood.

Warranty: 5 years.

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