Acoustic Artwork Partitions

Sound-absorbing interior design elements

ACOUSTIC ARTWORK product range includes acoustic products made from PET felt and designed to improve room acoustics. In pursuit of this goal, creative compositions are born for the modern office where employee well-being is a priority.
The ACOUSTIC ARTWORK system consists of three types of wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted PET felt products (Partitions, Clouds and Tiles). Besides improved acoustics, these products are also ideally suited for performing other functions: dividing and creating office spaces, and designing a unique interior.

Dividing and creating new spaces!
With the help of ACOUSTIC ARTWORK partitions, you can easily divide a room into different zones. For example, you can create separate work and relaxation areas or a semi-private individual workspace. These partitions will also allow you to set up a separate space for meetings, relaxation or creative workshops in an open-plan office.

Warranty: 10 years.

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