This multifunctional piece of furniture was designed by the Italian design studio Baldanzi & Novelli designers. The construction of WORKLAB is based on a metal frame that is robust, durable and easy to clean. Its shape is simple, but also stands out in a traditional work environment. Large castors are an integral part of the WORKLAB design, ensuring the mobility of this piece of furniture and enhancing its unique image.

The modern office is like a living organism that adapts to the needs of employees, different types of tasks they perform and help them to do their work more efficiently. The WORKLAB multifunctional piece of furniture is designed for an ever-changing work environment. It consists of a single frame that can perform three different functions: that of a conference wall, a temporary workplace and a shelf. According to Baldanzi & Novelli designers, WORKLAB is neither a bookshelf, nor a desk and nor a cabinet – it is all these things in one piece of furniture and more. Choose one of the pre-made base models and change the elements to create a piece of furniture that best meets your needs.

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