POLYTONE – a modern design which creates a perfect balance of style and functionality. POLYTONE collection consists of three types of visitor, conference and dining chairs made of plastic: POLYTONE-C, POLYTONE-L and POLYTONE-O. Three different characters which will blend in perfectly with different office settings and will be ideal for a variety of activities – meetings, collaborative work, conferences, short-term tasks or relaxation. POLYTONE – plastic chairs designed for the rhythm of modern work.

POLYTONE-L chairs have been designed by Scagnellato and Ferrarese Design. Visitor, conference and dining chairs boast a subtle minimalist design.

Since the POLYTONE chair collection includes both high chairs and low chairs with a range of different base options, it will ideally meet the needs of large office spaces. It will save you trouble trying to figure out how to reconcile different needs, whilst at the same time ensuring a uniform interior style.

Warranty: 10 years.

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