Track Dining Shuffleboard

RS Barcelona
In play, as in gastronomy, you have to be bold, challenging the established limits without going beyond them, launching off with just the right amount of power to reach the edge without going over it, tasting flavours and sensations that open up your mind without fear, having that spine-tingling feeling of risk without losing… This is exactly what the Track Dining shuffleboard table is like, pushing you to the limit, to explore the space where design, playtime, furniture and gastronomy come together.

Track Dining, the bar table version of the shuffleboard game, comes on the scene to break with the conventions of both bar tables and classic shuffleboard tables. With its glass top, it boosts the versatility of the game by serving as both a shuffleboard table and a tall (39.4 in | 100 cm) bar table. In fact, the game, with some snacks and drinks to share, has a different flavour.

Track Dining shuffleboard is available in two sizes: 9 and 12 feet to match the dimensions of the space.

– Puck set (8 units).
– 450 gr | 1 lb shuffleboard powder.


Structure: Steel with cataphoretic coating process and micro textured powder coated polyester paint.

Playing field: Steel with cataphoretic coating process and bicomponent epoxy resin.

Glass top: 0.4 in/1 cm tempered glass.

Legs: FSC/PEFC certificated iroko wood.

Inner lining: Textel Echo 9 100% PET (60% recycled).

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