RS4 Home x HEY Football Table – MoMA Exclusive

RS Barcelona

Both brands embrace color. Both brands inspire optimism. Both brands love to play. And from the merge of all these elements the RS4 Home x HEY is born: a piece that reveals the power of color and how the game becomes art.

Hey has captured its creative universe in this football table. The vitality of its colorful and fresh imagery is shaped in a piece that stands out for its attractive appeal. The choice of the colors was no coincidence: powerful, eye-catching, pop, vibrant, unconventional and without any restrictions. Chromatic freedom in a special edition that invites to play and spreads Hey’s passion for colour.

“With this Special Edition RS4 Home x HEY the football table is revealing itself with a bold artistic accent. It becomes a piece of modern art that expresses the energy and essence of a classic game that transcends the test of time and trends. From the museum to home” – Verònica Fuerte, Hey founder

The RS4 Home is the football table chosen for this collaboration because of its materials, features and adaptability. It has been designed to be another member of the family at home. For all ages. For indoor and outdoor use. For doing it up yourself and, when the match starts, you set the rules of the game.

For all ages: the years don’t matter, as long as you have a playful attitude.

For sharing with your loved ones: family, friends, neighbours … Anyone who dares to challenge you.

For enjoying any time: a celebration, a party, a family reunion, on Saturday after lunch, on Wednesday when the homework is done … For all those moments that will not be forgotten.

For eco-friendly and easy delivery: improved packaging for easy delivery, and a better handling and thus to reduce the environmental impact.

For doing it yourself: easy assembling. Putting it together makes it yours, and then, when the game starts, you love it even more.


Structure: Steel with cataphoretic coating process and micro textured powder coated polyester paint.

Legs: Lacquered iroko wood.

Field: HPL

Players: Cast aluminium with micro textured polyester paint.

Handles: Iroko wood.


– Set of 7 balls (5 standard and 2 silent)

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