Introducing Our New Partner - HAY: Danish Furniture, Lighting, and Accessories Manufacturer

According to HAY, everyone has the right to enjoy good design, a sentiment that aligns perfectly with Tengo's philosophy! The vision of this Danish furniture manufacturer closely mirrors our mission, which is why we are thrilled to introduce our new partner, HAY!
HAY - Timeless Design, Scandinavian Quality
The founders of this brand, Rolf and Mette Hay, have always had a clear goal for their family business. From the very beginning, they aimed to create items that not only stood out in terms of design but were also highly practical, a characteristic quite expected from a Scandinavian company. The origin of HAY's furniture and other products greatly influences their exceptional quality. Established in Copenhagen in 2002, the company was acquired by the iconic American brand Herman Miller in 2019.
The husband-and-wife duo behind this Danish brand still actively contribute to its success. Rolf Hay serves as the Creative Director responsible for furniture, while his wife, Mette, holds a similar position in the division dedicated to accessories. Together, they craft products that not only please the eye but also enhance the everyday lives of their users.
Every HAY Product Reflects the Brand's Value
In 2018, Herman Miller acquired a 33% stake in the HAY brand for an astronomical $96 million. A year later, they paid an additional $78 million for another 34%. The substantial value of the HAY brand is also reflected in its products. Stylish furniture for residential and commercial space design projects is both extraordinary and timeless. Thanks to these qualities, they make an excellent addition to any interior. The Danish manufacturer is also a supplier of outdoor furniture.
The most successful furniture, lighting, and interior decoration projects often come to life in the offices of top designers. Mette and Rolf Hay invite renowned designers to collaborate, including Louise Campbell, Stefan Diez, Naoto Fukasawa, Ana Kras, and George Sowden. Among the award-winning products designed by these collaborators, you can often find items bearing the HAY logo. A notable project emerged in 2022 when Louise Campbell designed "The Prince Chair" for a competition honoring Frederick, the Crown Prince of Denmark. HAY decided to commence its production on a larger scale. Subsequent HAY product designs received recognition at events like Milan Design Week and found their way into the prestigious MoMA Design Store, known for its designer accessories. The presence of HAY products in the MoMA Design Store is the finest testament to their uniqueness. We are delighted that globally acclaimed products can also find their way into projects crafted by the Tengo team.
What Inspires HAY Designers?
Does our work need to be strictly separated from our private lives? HAY designers argue otherwise. They create highly practical furniture and home accessories that seamlessly blend work and personal life. Products intended for commercial interiors often inject a touch of warmth and familiarity. The fusion of these two worlds can yield truly outstanding results. Architects and designers at Tengo share the same belief, and we eagerly incorporate HAY products to infuse character into the interiors we design.
HAY's furniture, decorations, storage solutions, and accessories exemplify a fresh approach to everyday items. With this perspective, seemingly ordinary objects often transform into small works of art. Every HAY product draws inspiration from fashion, art, and architecture. Simultaneously, HAY designers observe the world around us, infusing elements of contemporary art into their projects.
High Quality, Beautiful Design, Accessible to All - HAY Furniture's Hallmarks
For over 20 years, HAY has been making award-winning, unique designs accessible to a wide audience. Despite the passage of time, Mette and Rolf Hay remain firm in their belief that everyone should have the opportunity to surround themselves with beautiful, designer, and practical items!
Tengo is the official distributor of HAY furniture and accessories.
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