Free services that we offer to our customers

We are happy to tell you about the free services that we offer to our customers and how they can help make your work more comfortable and efficient.
Free trial Layout
We recommend this service to all our customers, so that the client can visualize in advance how the furniture will be positioned in the premises, and how to use the working space wiser. This service is especially useful when a client has several options of premises for rent or purchase, but cannot determine which of them is most suitable for his needs. In this situation, our trial layout is simply irreplaceable :)
Furniture test drive
We bring our clients furniture for a test drive, so that for several days the team can determine the most comfortable models not just by looking at the catalogue, but by their our own feelings. Furniture, much like shoes, needs to be tried on before you buy it!
Temporary furniture
While waiting for your furniture to arrive we can provide you with the temporary furniture units. It is a great solution so that you do not to live by waiting for the "arrival of the container", but to begin your work without delay!
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