Discover the Exceptional HAY Furniture Collection, Now Available at Tengo!

Designing office spaces and creating interior designs for homes is our passion. We take pleasure in incorporating high-quality designer furniture into our projects. Without a doubt, we can describe the unique products from the Danish brand HAY as not only highly functional and durable but also as small works of art!
HAY Furniture - Top Quality, Exquisite Design, Maximum Practicality
HAY is a brand whose motto is "good design is everyone's right." We wholeheartedly agree with this statement! Surrounding ourselves with designer furniture not only impresses visitors to our office or home but also makes us feel incredibly comfortable. The office furniture, lighting, decor, and other interior furnishings from this Danish manufacturer are also exceptionally practical.
HAY's furniture portfolio is extensive, offering a diverse range of styles. Tengo's designers eagerly incorporate them into projects regardless of the style, whether it's classic, modern, or Scandinavian. Today, however, we would like to focus on three HAY products that have particularly captured our attention. Find out why you should pay attention to:
● the stylish HAY Chisel Lounge Chair;
● HAY Mags Soft sofas and seating;
● the HAY Boa Table, perfect as a dining or conference table.
Explore these remarkable pieces to elevate your interior design to new heights!
Chisel Lounge Chair - Classic and Modern in One Compact Chair with Universal Appeal
The HAY Chisel Lounge Chair is a timeless piece of furniture that seamlessly blends classic and modern design elements. Designed by Norwegian designer Andreas Bergsaker, this chair is crafted from bent plywood, giving it a unique and enduring style. The design pays homage to classic furniture, making it a true classic itself. Crafted from high-quality wood, it not only exudes durability but also offers a touch of sophistication. What sets this model apart is the curved edges that resemble the strokes of a traditional chisel. Despite being an incredibly comfortable chair, perfect for unwinding, it maintains a compact size.
Tengo's designers often incorporate the Chisel Lounge Chair into residential interior projects. However, this solid and stylish chair can also find its place in hotel lobbies, restaurants, or offices. Its design is understated yet attention-grabbing. The chair is available in various colors, whether as a natural wood finish, pastel shades, vibrant hues, or with upholstered seats and backrests.
Mags Low Soft - The Versatile and Comfortable HAY Sofa
HAY Mags Soft is a series of upholstered sofas and seating options. The design is minimalistic, prioritizing practicality and comfort. Within the Mags Soft family, you'll find a variety of sizes, colors, and upholstery materials, making it easy to customize the product to match your client's preferences or the available space. The gently rounded edges of the sofas and seats in this series offer exceptional comfort for everyday use. The choice of upholstery material also facilitates easy cleaning, making it a suitable recommendation for commercial and public spaces.
HAY Mags Soft Low Armrest, on the other hand, appears to be the most comfortable sofa in this family. It comes with comfortable armrests and numerous configuration options. Despite its simple form, it exudes a touch of class. By choosing the right upholstery color, you can decide whether the HAY Mags Soft Low Sofa should blend seamlessly into its surroundings or make a bold statement, becoming the dominant feature of the room's decor.
Boa Table - Practical and Stylish
The HAY Boa Table was designed by German designer Stefan Diaz from Munich. Describing it as an example of "German excellence" would certainly not be an exaggeration. What sets this table apart, a piece of furniture that is typically quite straightforward, is its aesthetic appeal. The design is inspired by Japanese art and traditional bamboo furniture. The Boa Table by HAY can be tailored to Tengo's client preferences and the style of the room it will adorn. This is made possible by numerous configuration options, including finish, color, length, and even table height.
The basic HAY Boa Table model accommodates a few people comfortably. It can find its place in a home or office, such as a small conference room or dining area. Depending on preferences, you can opt for a table with a standard height of 75 centimeters or a taller one at 95 centimeters. If you choose a longer table, it works exceptionally well as a conference table or for larger gatherings.