Tengo is a dynamic team of designers, technologists, construction workers, project managers driven by a strategic goal – to create spaces that help people live and work comfortably. We offer a wide range of services: office design, finishing and decoration, furniture supply, offices' relocation and further maintenance.
Meet the team
  • Andrei Sakharau
  • Ruslan Shaidullin
  • Alexandra Veres
    Head of Designer Department
  • Ekaterina Zdatchenko
  • Leanne Miltiadou
    Sales Manager
  • Kamila Bielecka
    Sales and Design Manager
  • Inna Radoman
    Construction Project Management Department Partner
  • Nikita Valentinovich
  • Ilya Valentinovich
  • Svetlana Prikhozhaya
    Sales Manager
  • Paul Yurkevich
  • Yulia Romanenko
  • Alex Rudovich
    Head of Engineer Projects
  • Zina Sviatskaya
  • Ivan Labacheuski
  • Burza
    Wellness Manager
How we work
  • Brief

    Our creative process draws upon your workplace strategy. We listen to your requirements and understand how you want to work. Then we begin to develop recommendations and solutions.

  • Concept

    Here we look at inspirational ideas that shape a workplace, from types of spaces to new working practices. We consider areas and elements that create efficiencies, transform the look and feel of the office and reinvigorate your workplace.

  • Visualisations

    We transform our concepts into breath-taking visualisations to give you a real sense of your future space.

  • Details and Design

    We coordinate your agreed design concept with the physical makeup of the property, ensuring all mechanical and electrical facets of your building are considered in the final design.

  • Specifications and Drawings

    Based on the approved concept, we develop a complete set of drawings for the implementation of a project.