Innovations in Office Furniture: Introducing the CANNIE Collection and COMBUS Shelving System from Narbutas

In the ever-evolving landscape of office design and furniture, two groundbreaking products have emerged to redefine the way we experience our workspaces. The CANNIE Collection, featuring chairs without backrests, and the versatile COMBUS Shelving System, are set to revolutionize the modern office environment, offering comfort, adaptability, and sustainability.
CANNIE Collection: Unprecedented Comfort and Flexibility
The CANNIE Collection presents a solution to the dynamic needs of contemporary office spaces. These stools, available in high or medium height, boast a simple yet elegant design that seamlessly fits into various settings, including collaborative spaces, meeting rooms, office kitchens, and public areas.

Versatility in Design
Designers and office managers will appreciate the extensive customization options with 1620 possible combinations. From neutral tones blending into surroundings to vibrant choices that serve as interior accents, the CANNIE stools cater to diverse preferences.

Sustainable Materials
Reflecting the growing trend of responsible consumption, the CANNIE stools are crafted from high-quality, sustainable materials. The recyclable plastic used for the seat and footrest, combined with solid wood legs coated with water-based varnish, ensures minimal environmental impact and a safe choice for any workspace.

COMBUS Shelving System: Shaping Spaces with Style and Sustainability
In response to the multifaceted requirements of modern offices, the COMBUS Shelving System emerges as a comprehensive solution for storage and spatial organization.

Modularity and Versatility
Designed not only for storage but also for shaping office spaces, the COMBUS system offers freestanding shelving units, planter shelf units, and mountable shelving units. With different types, heights, and shapes, designers and architects gain unparalleled flexibility to create unique environments.

Creating a Stylish Environment
The higher and more closed shelving options within the COMBUS collection contribute to a more private and cozy atmosphere, mimicking the comfort of home. By combining various finishes and design elements, this shelving system enables the creation of a stylish and distinctive office interior.

Sustainable Solutions
Acknowledging the growing importance of sustainable consumption, the COMBUS Shelving System adheres to eco-design principles. Comprising metal, melamine, and PET felt—partly made from recycled materials—the system achieves a remarkable recyclability rate of 99%.

A New Era for Office Furnishings
The CANNIE Collection and COMBUS Shelving System epitomize the modern approach to office design, focusing on comfort, adaptability, and sustainability. As workplaces continue to evolve, these innovative products pave the way for a more engaging, comfortable, and environmentally conscious professional environment. Embrace the future of office furnishings with the CANNIE Collection and COMBUS Shelving System, where style meets functionality in perfect harmony.