Comfortable Office Chair Noti Tulli Light in Tengo Designs

Our designers and architects always take into account durable furniture and equipment available on the market when creating interior designs. Some of them we often recommend to our clients, because we use them ourselves due to their comfort, durability, and successful design. A great example is the comfortable Noti Tulli light office chair.
Noti Tulli Light Office Chair
Let's start with a brief introduction to this product. Noti Tulli light is an office chair available in several versions, differing in color, finishing material and used type of base. Thanks to this, the chair can become a part of various commercial interior projects. Its durability is ensured by the polyurethane foam (PU) molded seat. It has been properly shaped and comes with a soft cushion, making the chair very comfortable, even during extended use.
The appearance of the Noti Tulli light office chair also matters. Its design is quite light, so the chair doesn't dominate the interior decor. However, it complements it perfectly! We also appreciate that the chair's design comes from a Polish designer. Tomek Rygalik has won international awards and has a number of products available on the market today. It's no wonder that Noti Tulli light is such a successful office chair!
Universal Office Chair for Both Offices and Home Offices - Noti Tulli Light
As mentioned earlier, the Noti Tulli light office chair finds its place in many interiors designed by Tengo. No wonder - it's a perfect fit! In any space where you need a compact, comfortable chair that doesn't overwhelm with its appearance, Noti Tulli light is the perfect choice. You have a wide range of finishing options to choose from - fabric or leather upholstery. Therefore, you can use this chair in very elegant interiors, such as classic offices. Of course, it's available in many colors.
The design of the Noti Tulli light chair can be described as homely and friendly. For this reason, it can also be successfully used in residential projects. It won't disrupt the decor of the rest of the apartment or house. Instead, it will become a comfortable addition to your home office.
Many Base Variations to Choose From
The Noti Tulli light office chair can be customized to meet your expectations by selecting one of several base types. Both simple legs and the cross-shaped base mounted in the central lower part of the seat provide solid support. The available base variations include:
● polished silver cross-shaped base;
● black lacquered cross-shaped base;
● straight legs with a tubular design;
● wooden legs (made of oak wood);
● black lacquered base with wheels;
● polished silver cross-shaped base with wheels.

Regardless of the base type, the construction uses a steel frame. All these elements contribute to a very safe and durable office chair that can withstand everyday use.