Office design and commercial interior

Despite the ubiquitous hybrid work format, companies are becoming increasingly careful in creating office space.
Yes, many employees and companies have moved to a home office, moving away from multi-thousand-dollar office spaces.

At the same time, in the current situation, companies are creating offices where employees can spend part of their time in order to increase team efficiency in face-to-face meetings, change the environment and avoid employee burnout.

The careful selection of design, corporate identity, comfortable furniture, and workspaces is now a trend in the offices of many companies.
At TENGO, we have encountered this and already possess the expertise.

For example, huge open-plan spaces are being replaced by smaller spaces for individual team work, and meeting rooms are being converted into silent booths for confidential conversations.

Simultaneously, spaces for relaxation, recreation, and informal communication between colleagues are increasing to ensure that soft skills and friendships among colleagues are not lost, contributing to a positive and effective work environment.

We bring our projects to life exactly as planned. You can check it below (left - 3D render, right - real interior photo).

Temporary furniture
While waiting for your furniture to arrive, we can provide you with temporary furniture units. It is a great solution so that you do not have to wait for the 'arrival of the container' but can begin your work without delay!