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Expanding the business to attract new clients and partners, increasing staff, opening local offices to improve team efficiency and reduce financial costs - relocating specialists between different regions.

So, in the current environment and modern world, it is sometimes necessary to urgently relocate employees, relocate a team or relocate an entire business.
relocation team, relocation business
TENGO team have long-worked experience to create efficient spaces for employees to work and corporate life.
In the case of an urgent or forced relocation, unfortunately, the efficiency of employees is impaired, time is increased for business projects, the search for a new office, the purchase of furniture etc.

Due to our experience in designing offices that we think through to the last detail and our extensive network in different countries – we can to say that TENGO reduces the time it takes to find the right office, helps speed up relocation and keeps staff efficiency high or even increases :)
office design cyprus, дизайн офиса кипр

What You'll Get

Our goal is to deliver value to our client through high quality services
  • Office space design
  • Finding the best space in short terms, for rent or buy
  • Procurement, delivery and installation of furniture and equipment
  • Creation of fit-out layouts personal to your company according all your wishes
  • Legal matters with the help of our TENGO partners
  • Home office furniture for employees at a special price

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