Best furniture solution 2022

We're glad to announce one of the best office solutions by Narbutas -SoftRock,
which received German Design Award 2022
When designing SOFT ROCK, Strand+Hvass drew inspiration from nature: they observed the sea's waves washing over rock and stones on the shore, and rendering those rocks and stones' shapes softer and smoother. The synergy between rounded shapes and straight lines creates a unique, eye-catching yet simple design. The distinctive and laconic silhouette is what makes SOFT ROCK stand out from other soft seating furniture.
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NARBUTAS is proud to announce that its new modular lounge seating system, SOFT ROCK, has received the German Design Award 2022 for its outstanding design
SOFT ROCK is a flexible modular system consisting of a series of lounge seaters available in different sizes and forms which can be easily combined or rearranged to make efficient use of the space.

Unleash your creativity and set up desired combinations by selecting a piece of furniture of your choice from our range of six main lounge seaters available in different sizes, with straight or curved lines, and with or without a backrest.
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"We are very happy about this news and are grateful to the jury of the German Design Council for the award. We would also like to congratulate the NARBUTAS team and thank them for believing in our concept," said designers Christina Strand and Niels Hvass, authors of SOFT ROCK. "The managing team developed and found innovative solutions for the new product during difficult pandemic times, without whose dedication the award would not have been possible."

The new generation of employees inspired the Danish design studio Strand+Hvass to create a collection that reflects the changes in the office space and the people who work there.

"From the very beginning, we tried to define the needs of the new generation. How and from what kind of places people choose to work. What we see now are the changes. Not only the desk but also soft seating in lounge areas becomes a workplace for employees. Thus, the demand for more casual, relaxed working spaces is increasing, with, at the same time, the need for constant motion," said Niels Hvass and Christina Strand.

Despite the ubiquitous hybrid work format, companies are becoming increasingly careful in creating office space.