Framery - acoustic booths that provide silence and privacy for conversations

Phone booths for the office are a way to separate a quiet and peaceful place from a larger space. One of the most recognized manufacturers of acoustic booths is Framery. Learn about the history and products of this brand.

History of Framery

The company's founders worked in a large company until 2010. There were 100 or more people in one room. In addition to the typical noise of an open space office, there were constant phone calls from the boss. This state of affairs made it difficult to concentrate, and the only thing Framery's founders were thinking about was how to lock the boss in a phone booth. However, there was no such product on the market in 2010, although this state of affairs was about to change. The founders of the Framery brand decided to create a product that would transform work in large offices.


In Framery's product line you will not find cabinet furniture, chairs or reception counters. Instead, its products are a combination of a piece of furniture and a small room. Each acoustic booth for the office allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday work. Inside the acoustic booth we have a place to sit and a work surface. The phone booth can accommodate one person or a small group.
Framery booth
Depending on the customer's needs, the Framery booth can have additional equipment - lighting, ventilation , and even a remote reservation system. The look of the booth can also be personalized, making it fit perfectly into your office.

Framery One Compact

Framery One Compact, a smart and soundproof office phone booth designed for individual use. Perfect for phone calls and video conferences, it features a built-in adjustable video light that softly illuminates the user's face with natural light during calls. Plus, its additional mobility kit allows for easy relocation without disassembly. With A-class soundproofing offering 30dB of privacy, you can trust in uninterrupted work without disturbing others.
Framery One
Framery One is the most advanced soundproof office booth. If price is not as important as maximum practicality when it comes to an acoustic booth - this is the best choice. Framery One is designed for one person. In order to make everyone comfortable in it (while talking on the phone, working in concentration, or participating in a video conference), the table has an electric height adjustment. The most important advantage, however, is, of course, the reduction of noise levels - by up to 30 dB
Framery Four
Need a slightly larger phone booth for the office? Framery Four has comfortable couches on both sides. They come in versions with and without armrests. In the middle, however, you will find a large table. This type of booth is designed for one to four people. So the booth will work great for meetings of small teams. The larger size also means more efficient ventilation. With a 30 dB reduction in volume, you can almost completely cut yourself off from the typical sounds of an open space office.
Framery Six
Is it still an acoustic booth or already a small conference room? This phone booth for the office can accommodate up to six people. The price of the Framery Six acoustic booth largely depends on its equipment. You can install a screen or whiteboard in this multi-person booth and finish it in many ways.
All Framery acoustic booths allow you to maintain the privacy of your conversations, whether live or on the phone. Equipping your office with such a solution will revolutionize the way you use your space.
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