Why should you include RS Barcelona products in your interior design?

They combine the world of entertainment and sports with functionality, so desirable in any interior. In addition, each piece of equipment and furniture of this brand is a true work of art. They become a real decoration of the interior of your home or office.

History of the RS Barcelona brand

The home of the family manufactory RS Barcelona is located near the Catalan capital. The small plant was initially engaged in metalworking. The origins of the company date back to 1975. Over time, RS Barcelona specialized in the production of high-end foosball tables. The year 2006 turned out to be a breakthrough, when the now iconic RS#2 table went on display at the prestigious Vincon store in Barcelona. At that moment, the company almost instantly became recognizable, and RS Barcelona furniture today finds its way into many offices and residential interiors.

RS Barcelona foosball tables

The origins of RS Barcelona as we know it today are linked to foosball tables. They are still an important part of the brand's portfolio today. RS Barcelona foosball tables are characterized by their craftsmanship with metal components and careful finishing. Not only do they allow for a moment of entertainment, they are also a real decoration in any interior.
Foosball tables, as well as ping-pong tables, also come in versions for outdoor use. They are suitably durable and weatherproof.
RS Barcelona Football tables
RS Barcelona ping-pong tables
Another interesting product from RS Barcelona are ping-pong tables. They allow a moment of relaxation in the workplace or a break from household chores. Time spent competing with co-workers, family and friends are moments we will remember for a long time. After the game is over, we can quickly turn the RS Barcelona ping-pong table into a regular table and hold a meeting or have a meal at it.
Thanks to their multifunctionality, ping-pong tables are a great addition, so we often use them in residential and commercial projects.
RS Barcelona billiard tables
Also, RS Barcelona billiard tables can be turned into a regular table. This makes them, like other furniture from the Spanish brand, very functional and practical for everyday use. Also RS Barcelona billiard tables come in an outdoor variety. We can put such equipment on the terrace, in the garden or elsewhere. We can use a classic and functional table every day. When we have time to do so, on the other hand, in a few moments we turn it into a pool table to experience a little competition or just to amuse ourselves.
RS Barcelona coffee tables
Almost all RS Barcelona furniture, including coffee tables, have a bit of a sporty feel. They are also characterized by excellent workmanship. This is ensured by handmade production and top-class materials, including real metal and solid wood.
The RS Barcelona coffee table will be a perfect addition to a loft-style living room. It also fits perfectly into the interior of a cafe, restaurant or commercial interior Tengo designers often choose to use the brand's coffee table in the interior design. It adds a lot of character and individual style to the room it goes into.
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