Free services
that we offer to our customers

Free services that we offer to our customers

We are pleased to inform you about our complimentary services,
designed to enhance the comfort and efficiency of your work.

Free trial Layout
We highly recommend this service to all our customers, as it allows clients to visualize in advance how the furniture will be positioned in their premises and how to optimize their workspace. This service proves particularly valuable when a client is considering multiple options for rent or purchase and is unsure which space best suits their needs. In such situations, our trial layout service becomes indispensable :)
Furniture test drive
We provide our clients with the opportunity to test-drive furniture for several days, allowing the team to assess the most comfortable models not just by browsing the catalogue but by experiencing them firsthand. Just like shoes, furniture should be tried on before making a purchase!
Temporary furniture
While waiting for your furniture to arrive, we can provide you with temporary furniture units. This is an excellent solution, allowing you to commence your work without delay rather than living in anticipation of the "container's arrival".