Increase the productivity and happiness of your team
acoustic silent booth
Serious about happiness
Our soundproof office phone booths, pods and private spaces solve noise and privacy issues in open offices, making employees happier and more productive in dozens of the world's leading companies, including Microsoft, Puma and Tesla. In fact, 40% of all Forbes 100 companies use Framery.
Designed for today
Framery One's impressive exterior comes in a range of Framery colors, while our design team have created a range of interior panel fabrics, carpet, seats and tables, so you can adapt the pod to suit your company style. And – if you need a super flexible solution – just add wheels. Framery booth future proofed, modular design means that sections of your pod can be easily upgraded as new tech specifications and easy to move your new location
Perfect for you
How do you work best? The beautiful Framery One is ideal for one person to produce exceptional work, without distractions. Both the seat and generous table (ranging from 70-120cm/27.6-47.2in in height) are designed to be easy to adjust, with footrests on the floor and fixed to the seat to keep you comfortable for long stretches. If you work best on your feet, there's also the option to choose Framery One without a seat
YOUR question:
Framery cabin is great solution!
But we're rent an office and don't want on investing more in someone else's space
That's what makes Framery so convenient - it's an office solution that can change location with your team, cause you're invest in our team. And we can help you transport and assemble the cabin even in another country.
So it helps to avoid additional furniture costs :)
Your question:
We aren't sure, that it will well fit into the interior of our office
Framery booths fit perfectly into any interior - they are assembled according to your wishes in appearance and interior furnishings due to flexible constructor (colour, material, illumination, technical equipment)
What's more, the cabins can be upgraded over time :)

Serious about happiness

We offer one of the best office solutions
for your team
Happy employees take 66% less sick leave
A happy person is 12% more productive
80% of meetings are today held between 1-4 people
90% have daydreamed and 73% did other work during meetings
Happy sales people produce 37% more sales
Design your pod - variable colours, materials and tech equipment
Ready for order
Framery pods have better ventilation rates than the conference room
Ventilation is as important as the acoustic features inside the pod. You will need to make sure to have enough air inside the pod, to make sure that it is comfortable to stay inside the pod for a long meeting. It would be no use having a pod with good acoustics features, but not enough air ventilation. Framery pods are on market leading level when it comes to ventilation. Framery One has an air floor of 29 l/s and Framery O 21 l/s - both of which are above the air flow regulation of normal meeting rooms. There are some competing pods in the market, which may have a decent sound insulation, but we offer perfect solution for both acoustics and ventilation.
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